About RP
About RP

Our popcorn is all handmade in small batches right here in Southern California. It is popped in coconut oil and is all natural and gluten free. Many flavors also are vegan and have no trans fat. Our popcorn is made only from the finest seeds, spices, oils, cheeses and other ingredients from around the world and around the corner. Hope you enjoy our Rocking Popcorn!

About RP

          Welcome to Rocking Popcorn! The home of All Natural, High Quality Popcorn that is Handmade in Small Batches! Yes Handmade! Just the way my grandfather Harold used to make it! How inspiring is that! When I first started creating popcorn I knew it had to be exactly what I wanted and could not find anywhere else – popcorn that met my cravings for incredible flavor, exceptional taste, and all natural. So I created flavors that treat you with refreshing tastes, excite your taste buds with fiery spices, delight you with culinary variations, all while meeting Harold’s exacting standards for the perfect popcorn!

We create all the Rocking Popcorn flavors from a combination of the finest seeds, spices, oils, cheeses and ingredients. We create popcorn in flavors from California, New Orleans, and the eastern seaboard and everywhere from France to Thailand! When people try them they remark on how it reminds them of childhood memories or worldly travels.

“It tastes so good I cannot believe it is all natural!” We hear that often. It’s a compliment I contribute to our desire for perfection – a discipline I practice in all that I do.

As a bon vivant, I appreciate the importance of details. Every element must contribute to the whole experience so others get the most out of every moment. So, I love to create edible art in the flavors of my many experiences! A life where celebrating and enjoying life through beauty, sensuality, and vitality is paramount!

I started the business in August 2012 and already our popcorn is generating a response and following I never expected! I’m confident it’s because we research thoroughly our ingredients to ensure their tastes and quality meet our exacting standards and expectations, and through this care and attention we have created a great product. Most importantly, however, I love what I do. I love making popcorn that people love to enjoy!

Being based in Hollywood affords me the luxury to meet people from around the world who are spreading the word and sharing with me new ideas for even more unique and wonderful flavors. I love that people love our popcorn! And I love that celebrities love my products! After all they travel extensively and are exposed to exceptional foods and treats like those handed out at “Red Carpet” events, corporate conferences, and prestigious hotels. I’m honored that Rocking Popcorn stands out in their minds and that our customers love our product!

Rocking Popcorn is perfect for:
Friends and Family
Corporate and Small Company Events
Gift Bags
Weddings and Parties
Production and Green Room Catering and Snacks
And of course You!!
Entice your taste buds – exceptional snack for your home or office!

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Enjoy our Rocking Popcorn and thank you for contributing to our success! We are most grateful!


Eric Parmater

Founder and Owner, Rocking Popcorn